425 University Ave, 2nd Floor Training Room, Sacramento, CA 95825

From 8:30 until 12:00

425 University Ave, 2nd Floor Training Room, Sacramento, CA 95825

$139 per person (our retained and Silvers HR Connection clients receive a special discounted rate)

All Aboard! Let’s take a voyage on the employment seas and navigate through several California employment related practices, requirements, and laws.  Through case studies and interactive discussions, this workshop will help guide you through the complete lifecycle of an employee.  We’ll travel together through the breezy and stormy stages of employment. This workshop will cover:

  • Recruitment - What can and cannot be asked prior to hire; when various pre-employment background checks and medical exams (drug testing) are allowed
  • Hiring and onboarding - What must employers provide upon hire and best practices for onboarding and retaining employees
  • Wage and hour basics – Review the myriad pay rules in California and how to minimize the employer’s risk for wage and hour claims
  • Leaves of Absence - What are employee’s rights and employer’s obligations during a leave of absence
  • Performance Management - How to manage job performance and properly handle disciplinary issues
  • Separation – What’s required during separation and how to minimize risk during terminations


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