HR Practices Compliance Review
HR Practices Compliance Review

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What should your priorities be? Can you identify the most critical HR issues for senior management? If you don’t have the specialized staff or the time you need to understand and meet all of the human resource compliance requirements, our team of HR experts can help you assess, prioritize and implement the most important HR practices. Have more peace of mind knowing you are fulfilling your legal obligations—at every stage of your company’s growth – with our comprehensive and confidential Human Resources Practices Review, which some all an HR Audit.

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An HR Practices Compliance Review allows you to:

  • Determine the effectiveness/ROI of your Human Resources functions and practices
  • Gain confidential insight into your company’s compliance with the myriad of state and federal personnel regulations
  • Assess your vulnerabilities for employment related fines, penalties and lawsuits
  • Reduce your risk of potential lawsuits from dissatisfied applicants and ex-employees
  • Reduce your unemployment claims costs
  • Increase employee attraction and retention rates

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“I was extremely impressed with the staff and the thoroughness of the Silvers HR HRPR. The findings were presented in a way that gave me assurance of where we are in compliance in areas, and prioritized the items we need to work on. It was a very inexpensive investment!”

Lisa Clawson, CCP, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources
Matheson Trucking, Inc


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