Training Info

Management Training

On-site & Affordable

Our management training classes are offered to the public or can be conducted at your work site. Rather than hiring a full-time trainer, we offer training on a project basis at an affordable fee. Our retained clients receive our training at no additional cost!


Webinars with Silvers HR

Silvers HR offers low-cost informational and educational webinars to our clients and/or anyone interested in specific HR related topics. Please refer to our homepage in the box titled “Upcoming 2018 Workshops” for the webinars currently open to register. 

How To Join Our Webinar

Joining a Silvers HR webinar requires registration through an invitation link or email. There is no prior configuration needed to your computer.

Step 1: Register for the Webinar

To register for a webinar

  1. Open the email or flyer that contains the Webinar Invitation.
  2. Click the link provided in the email or flyer to register for the webinar.
  3. Complete the Registration form and click Register Now.
  4. You will be taken to our PayPal page to make the payment for your webinar.
    • If you prefer to be invoiced for the webinar please contact our office at (916) 791-8506.
  5. Once we have notice of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email providing you with a unique link to join the webinar as well as a link to add the event to an Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar.


Step 2: Join the Webinar

To join a webinar from a confirmation or reminder email

  1. Open the confirmation or reminder email for the webinar event.
  2. Click the link provided in the email to join the webinar.
  3. If prompted, click Yes, Trust or Always to accept the download. If the automatic download does not occur, follow the instructions on the download web page to do it manually.
  4. If prompted, enter the webinar password. If a password is required, this would have been provided in a separate communication from the webinar organizer.

You will be entered into the Waiting Room. The Attendee Control Panel and GoToWebinar Viewer will appear when the organizer starts the webinar.