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A Day of Rest is Clarified –

By Kim Silvers, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP California employers who have employees working beyond a regular five-day schedule will be happy to see the California Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Mendoza v. Nordstrom.  Although Nordstrom may have felt like it...

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All Gender Restrooms Are on the Way

All Gender Restrooms Are on the Way If you’ve combed through our 2017 employment law update, you’ll find a new bill (Assembly Bill 1732) tucked into the middle of this tome that requires all single-user toilet facilities be identified as an all-gender...

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What a Year

  What a Year By Kim Silvers, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP One of our roles as HR consultants is to ensure our clients have resources and knowledge back-up to stay out of employment court. We do a pretty good job of that and I’m proud of the ethical employers we...

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When is Travel Time Paid?

By Stacey Sommerhauser, SPHR-CA, SHRM- SCP We often receive questions from CA employers regarding when to pay non-exempt (hourly) employees for travel time.  Here’s a “quick and dirty” reference to begin to understand the complexities of this additional...

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Motivation from a New Perspective

By Helen Horyza Having a team of highly motivated employees is a prized objective for any leader. It’s also maddeningly unpredictable. The “platinum perspective” offers a clear strategy to achieve optimum productivity, retention of valued talent and, over...

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