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San Jose Lends a (Mandatory) Hand to Part-Time Employees

San Jose voters passed a ballot measure last fall that requires San Jose employers with 36 or more employees and who are subject to the San Jose Business License Tax or who maintain a facility in San Jose to offer additional work hours to existing...

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2016 Salary Budgets

2016 U.S. Salary Budget The 2016 U.S. salary budget increases are projected again at 3.0 to 3.1 percent.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) continues to run low for the last 12 months. The all-items index was 0.5 percent over the last 12 months.  Although...

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Two Sides of the Story

Two Sides of the Story

We recently hired an employee who now claims to have received a generous vacation package from her hiring manager when she accepted the job. Unfortunately, the manager is no longer available to confirm or deny that. She’s a good employee and we’ll probably give her...

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Customized. Committed. Credible.

Silvers HR, LLC was founded with the mission of offering superior human resources services, and we have over 20 years experience in the business community. Many of our clients need human resources expertise, but aren’t prepared to take on the overhead expense of...

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K.D., Owner of high tech business in Sacramento, CA

I love calling Silvers HR because I know I’m going to get a direct answer about HR issues and not a lot of legal garble. They just ‘get to it’- so I can get back to business.

M. O., V. P. of Sales and Marketing residential builder, Roseville, CA

During a series of management training classes for our team Kim used a mixture of new material, hands-on exercises and group interaction that got everyone participating, even the more senior experienced ‘I-don’t-need-this-training’ types. Her presentations are interesting, challenging and full of pertinent examples and wit.

R.O., CEO of telcom company in Rocklin, CA

Silvers HR made a clear and positive impact to our bottom line. Now here’s a contribution we can measure.

T. A., President of propane company, Manteca, CA

Silvers HR  understands the needs of a business owner and looks for options and solutions to help us meet our business priorities while complying with California employment laws. We consider Silvers HR our trusted HR partner.

Silvers HR is a Sacramento based Human Resources Management company specializing in HR policy development, management training, employee assessments, compensation and benefit program design, employee attraction and retention programs, and performance management programs. For companies looking to outsource their Human Resources department, we offer all the services but none of the overhead of hiring a full-time Human Resources employee. Silvers HR - California HR Services and Consulting.