Question: Are we required to train all California supervisors/managers and non-supervisory employees in harassment prevention (AB1825)?

Answer: Yes.  If you have 5 or more employees or contractors, you are required to train all managers/supervisors and non-supervisory employees in California, including temporary and seasonal employees within six months of assumption of a position.  If you have a manager/supervisor that lives in another state but supervises California employees, the manager/supervisor should also be trained in California Harassment Prevention. 

Non-supervisory employees must receive at least one hour of harassment prevention training and supervisors/managers must receive at least two hours of harassment prevention training in 2019 and every 2 years thereafter.

The new law calls out specific topics that must be covered in the training.  Only trainers and educators who are “qualified” under the CA Code of Regulations may conduct the training.

Silvers HR has several training options for you to meet this requirement.  We recommend reaching out to your HR Consultant to review these options.